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Business Insanity Talk Radio

On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, learn how you can get rid of the people that suck the life out of your business. Next, learn how large corporations should communicate and build a relationship with small businesses. After, we talk to the owner of a family business about how it has been successful since 1939. Finally, learn whether or not your small business lingo is actually good for your business.

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Local Job Network 

Traditional businesses often face the tremendous challenge of remaining innovative, relevant and profitable, especially as leadership begins to leave or change. Jamie Gerdsen, CEO of Apollo Home, wrote “Zombies Ate My Business: How to Keep Your Traditional Business from Becoming One of the Undead” to help those companies struggling to develop and grow. He explains to Tim Muma what threatens the life of their businesses and how leaders can avoid the death of everything they’ve built.

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Las Vegas Business Press

Mainstay neighborhood businesses have been under attack for quite some time from big box stores and Web-based shopping. Gerdsen, the owner of Apollo Home, an HVAC company, believes that many local businesses saw themselves as victims; they gave up and closed. The reason they gave up: Like the walking dead, they led a stagnant, narrowly focused existence.

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Experience Pros

Kevin Kauzlaric

If you have a traditional small business and have been stuck in a rut with regards to performance, you’ll enjoy this read below. Jamie Gerdsen has provided a manual for keeping your small business from becoming one of those “undead” companies out there. Check out this entertaining interview by reading on…

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Coach Case Book

In Zombies Ate My Business: How to Keep Your Traditional Business from Becoming One of the Undead, Gerdsen describes ‘Zombies’ as employees who have emotionally disengaged from your business.  They no longer helping your business grow but are a drain on your resources and are actually a blocker to growth. The business itself may also become a ‘Zombie’ if it doesn’t learn to innovate and remain relevant in a changing and dynamic business environment.

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Entrepreneurs’ Organization Octane Blog

Jamie Gerdsen, an EO Cincinnati member, isn’t preparing his readers for a zombie apocalypse; rather, in his upcoming book, “Zombies Ate My Business: How to Keep Your Traditional Business from Becoming One of the Undead,” Gerdsen identifies unproductive employees (zombies) and their effect on company growth and the bottom line. Traditional businesses are especially at risk of plateauing or declining after a time of sustained success.

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Investor’s Business Daily

• Detect the undead. Beware those working zombies. They appear to be toiling but fail to gain traction for your firm.

So warns Jamie Gerdsen, author of “Zombies Ate My Business: How to Keep Your Traditional Business From Becoming One of the Undead.”

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Interviews & Reviews



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Jamie Gerdsen is interviewed on the Michael Dresser Show (June 26, 2013)

John Chancellor, “Mentor Coach” 5.0 out of 5 stars For Growth Oriented Local Business Owners

“You probably can’t make the connection based on the title but this book is an excellent guide specifically targeted to the owner of traditional businesses. Let me be a little more specific on the target audience. It was written as a guide for the owner of the typical local business that is looking to grow their business both in revenue and more importantly profits.

It is very easy to find a large number of books targeted toward Internet based businesses. Likewise, there are plenty of books targeted to the leaders of very large businesses. But this book is…”